Are you thinking of buying a new mattress? Do you have enough money? A regular bed will cost almost 800 to 1000 dollars. Even if you have enough amount, it is still better to save the money and get the best mattress.

Sales like the best black Friday sales can be the best time to purchase the mattress. This article helps you know when do mattresses go on sale so that you may preplan the purchase. 

What types of sales happen throughout the year?

Apart from the black Friday sale that is very popular, there are several other sales. Most of them are for the following reasons.

  • Promotional sales, to promote the new type of mattresses. These sales are mainly to attract the customers and win their confidence for the newly launched product.
  • Rebate sales.
  • Package sales, these are also for the promotion purpose.
  • Free shipping sales.

Promotional mattresses

You can buy these mattresses often in the black Friday sales. These mattresses are often old products. Moreover, it will be hard to research these products; you can only ask the sellers to share the information. These mattresses are not available in stocks, so you can only have them in one-time deals. The warranty for these products is weaker than the rest.

Rebate offers

Many companies and inventories do not allow retailers to put their products on sale. However, to sell the products, such as mattresses, the retailers will offer rebate offers. These are the hidden discounts; they may ask the buyers to purchase the mattresses and then get some gift cards. In some cases, there are lucky draws by the retailers to enhance their sales of those mattresses.

The mattresses on rebates are comparatively reliable than the promotional mattresses. After getting a rebate discount, you should immediately contact the company for a refund; otherwise, the offer may expire as these offers come with an expiration date. 

Package deals

The name package says it all; the package deals come with other bedding accessories. Like with a mattress, you may get some pillows or bedsheets. The package deals are great for those who want to buy great products at the best price. You may get to save almost some hundred bucks through a package sale.


These are the free products; they do not come in a package, but regular and loyal customers. These are generally the bedding accessories, like the bed sheets and the pillows. These items are for pleasing the customers. Most retailers give these freebies when they plan to increase their clientele.

Free shipping

Free shipping can be a great relief for online customers. Mattresses are often sent home through some courier service. In some cases, the retailers will offer you a white glove delivery service, where the client gets a cleaned and properly packed parcel. The best time to avail of free delivery is when you are buying your mattress from a far-off place.


Mattresses can go on sale for the reasons mentioned above. The timings for these sales can vary; some of these may happen during the Black Friday sales, while the timings for others may vary and depend on the company’s plan.