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Immigration: How It Benefits the Economy

Immigration is a controversial topic in many countries. But, without immigration, the world’s economy would suffer tremendously. In this blog post, we will discuss how immigration benefits the economy and what you can do to help your community adjust to an influx of people from other countries.

– The number of jobs immigrant workers take is not equal to the number of jobs native workers lose. In fact, in most cases immigrants create new job opportunities for both them and their communities by starting businesses and buying goods and services from local companies.

– More than half (54%) of Fortune 500 companies were founded or cofounded by an immigrant or child of an immigrant parent. This includes Apple, Amazon, AT&T and EBAY among others.

– Contributes to rising – Many countries’ Gross Domestic Product (GDP) would decrease if immigrants were not allowed to work there. The GDP of the United States, for example, is 27% higher than it otherwise would be without immigration.

– With more people in a country and an increased population comes: ˙More demand for housing which contributes to rising home prices and rental rates; ˙an increase in public transportation use; ˙a greater need for healthcare services; ˙a rise in consumer spending which can boost local businesses’ profits and create new job opportunities.

– When new residents move into your community, they will become consumers who buy goods such as food, clothing, cars, etc., just like anyone else living or working there! This means that immigrant workers in your community can increase its economic output.

How to cope with immigrants in your community

There are some things you can do in order to help your community adjust to an influx of people from other countries: ˙Be open and friendly with newcomers. ˙Offer assistance by referring them to local resources they might need such as schools, healthcare providers, or housing options. If there are not enough jobs available for everyone who needs one, offer volunteer opportunities that will allow immigrants the chance to earn money and contribute to the overall well-being of your community!

We hope this article was informative about how immigration benefits our economy.